El Caminito del Rey is one of the most fun activities to do during your vacation in Andalusia. During this hike you will walk on wooden platforms at high altitude. Most of the walk consists of footpaths attached to the side of the gorge. Sometimes you cross from one rock to another via high and wobbly suspension bridges. How spectacular! During the hike, you can expect beautiful views. It is a beautiful environment with high rocks, lots of greenery and blue waters of lakes and rivers. In the heights, vultures and golden eagles build their nests. With a little luck, you will see these birds of prey flying around El Caminito del Rey.

Fun fact: along the way, there is a chance you will see a little train riding on the other side, right through the caves. An extraordinary sight.

How long will El Caminito del Rey take?

The tour takes about 3 to 4 hours, but for fast walkers, it is also doable in 1.5 to 2 hours. Then don’t forget to take in the scenery, as leisurely walking and occasionally stopping at a view makes the experience extra impressive. There are plenty of rest areas to sit or picnic.

Should I book El Caminito del Rey with a guide?

The trail is located 400 meters above sea level. Of course, it can be exciting to walk at such an altitude, but it is really worth it! Good to know is that this trail has been safe for years and the paths are sturdy. Should you be afraid of heights, it might be nice to book a tour with a guide. This will give you peace of mind; the guide will make sure you feel at ease. A tour with a guide is also often more fun because interesting stories are told and you get a glimpse into the history of this trail and the surrounding area

How to get to El Caminito del Rey?

From Casita Travel’s vacation homes, this day trip is perfect. El Caminito Del Rey is 1 hour and 15 minutes’ drive from Finca Can Faye. Casa Balcon de Guardia is a 2-hour drive from this hike and Casa Cartarra, Villa Los Soldados and Villa Regazo Andaluz are a 1.5-hour drive away. The starting point is about 60km from Malaga.

Where should I park the car for El Caminito del Rey?

You park the car at “Centro Recepcion Visitantes. Click here for the link to Google Maps.

Parking your car costs €2,-*. Then get on the shuttle bus to the north entrance. From the bus stop it’s another 1500m walk to the entrance, but even this is already a route through fantastic scenery. When you reach the end of the walk, a shuttle bus will take you back to the start (you can buy tickets for this in your account after buying a Caminito del Rey ticket).

Useful to know

Along the way, there is no way to go to the restroom. So make sure you have already done this at the starting point. El Caminito del Rey is a one-way road, so you cannot go back. Buy tickets in advance, as this is required. During the tour you are required to wear a helmet, which you will receive at the beginning of the tour, as well as an explanation of the safety rules.

What should I bring for El Caminito del Rey?

Be sure to bring plenty of food and drink, as there is nothing for sale during the route. However, there are stalls at the end of the walk to get some goodies.

It is also wise to bring sunscreen. For this hike, we further recommend comfortable walking shoes. And bring a camera! You’ll want to capture this wonderful experience.

Where can I buy tickets for El Caminito del Rey?

This hike is an amazing and adventurous experience in nature. Buy your tickets on time through the official website and prepare for one of the most fun activities in Spain!

*Subject to change