Kamiel Deinum has found a new love! The sunny island of Lanzarote. To escape the cold Dutch weather, he booked a B&B, rented a road bike, a car and discovered the versatility of this Canary island. Read his reportage below.

I get several admiring glances and thumbs up as I set my teeth in the juicy T-bone steak. The size of the meat is indeed impressive and normally a little too much of a good thing, but today I can handle it. I consumed over 2600 calories, which, according to my son, is equivalent to 5 Big Macs. Let’s say, I can use the energy.

The steak is served in Famara. A surfer’s paradis, as evidenced by the many shops selling surf and water sports gear, but where it turns out, you can also eat the most delicious meals. From daily fresh fish to very tasty meat dishes.

The streets of the village and the terraces are covered in sand blown in from the Sahara. It gives the village a special charm. Next to me, a couple of surfers crash down, still wet from the sea. The change into dry clothes. They intensity the summer vibe, even though it’s actually December.

I also was in Famara earlier today, namely on one of the bike rides that I have been taking in Lanzarote the past week. The road on the island are quiet, well paved and the locals are constantly mindful of cyclists. An additional advantage is that in comparison to the other Canary islands, Lanzarote is fairly flat. So it is also ideal for cyclists who weren’t born as climbing goats.

Attractive roads to explore by bike or car

Starting point in Lanzarote is my lovely B&B Caserio de Mogaza, centrally located on the island and thus ideal for making my day trips. The garden is an oasis with flowering plants and there are sun loungers to enjoy the sunshine. That’s exactly what I do after a morning of cycling. In the afternoon I head out by car for a great lunch with a beer or wine on a terrace somewhere. For instance, in the nearby Mexican-feeling Teguise with its medieval streats, squares and tapas bars. Yet, the coast is never far away and there fish restaurants and pleasant promenades beckon.

B&B Caserio de Mozaga 

I hand the woman behind the counter a euro and get a tasting glass of red wine in return. En route in La Geria I saw small stone walls built in semicircles with vines in them, really all over the landscape. While driving past them, I was constantly tempted to pull the car over to the side of the road, that’s how picturesque it is! Blooming pink bougainville and white houses stand out against a black background. I am so very curious what the wine tastes like that is grown on these volcanic soil. I’ve already tasted the white wine, so now it’s time for the red wine of Rubicon. I let the wine roll through my moth and taste the local pride. It is a shame that I still have to drive, otherwise I would have enjoyed a few glasses of this amazing wine on the spot.

The volcanic landscape of Lanzarote with occasional vineyards and the impressive tasting room of Rubicon

The trip through La Geria ends in the coastal village of El Golfo. While the sun glisters on the water, I sit on the terrace and let my mind wander past everything I have experienced on Lanzarote. I am won over. I want to visit every year. From the villages, the unique landscape, the wonderful roads where sports enthusiasts can play their heart out, to the attractive seaside terraces. Lanzarote is versatile and has to offer to everyone. Not to mention the mesmerizing artworks of the brilliant artist Manrique. All over the island you can admire his masterworks. From very early on, he saw the beauty of the island and its endless possibilities.

Reluctantly, I pack my suitcase that evening. Yet, with the comforting thought that I can always come back.

The coastal village El Golfo

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