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Sun, love and a bit of glamour

Nervously I walk around. Would I also need to go into make-up? Will I even be on camera? And do we have a director’s chair laying around somewhere or is that only in the movies?

The excitement increases. Every moment now, the film crew of RTL4, Vorst Media, will arrive here on Lanzarote. Filming for the TV series Married at first sight. With Bas and Patrick who are gonna spend their honeymoon in Villa Leya.

I take one last look inside the luxurious villa. Are the bathrobes hanging neatly? Does it smell like the fresh and saltly sea? A snack, a drink and a welcome letter. Exciting.


I admit. I am a little disappointed when the glamorous film crew doesn’t have much to it. I can’t tell of any juicy stories or pomposity of the famous people involved. The crew exists of only two people. A camera operator and a production lady, who was something like a coach. Meticulously instructed. For example about how she could get the couple to talk. Because awkward silences are always uncomfortable, and that costs viewers. She turns out to be unneeded. Bas and Patrick are enough for each other. They are in love. Clingy, I might add.

A heavenly spot

Villa Leya on Lanzarote, a holiday villa of Casita Travel, was specially selected by RTL 4. A heavenly spot for the two daredevils. Because, this they are. I myself am not averse to a challange, but meeting your fiancé only at the altar, then getting married and seeing whether it works? I wouldn’t be able to do it. But Patrick and Bas seem cut out for each other. Although the kiss at the ceremony was still a bit awkward, they now can’t keep their hands off each other. I once again look away.


Casita Travel asked me as coordinator. To organize everything pico bello on location from Elite Villa Management. And that’s something you’ll only have to ask me once. I booked the local restaurants, the excursions in the program and informed the local supermercados. Among other things, asking permission to film. It struck me once again how incredibly hospitable the Spaniards are. Because I don’t like half measures, I was constantly on my qui vive during the days that Bas and Patrick were here. Presta atención! Are the dinner times still correct? Is everything going smoothly? For one moment, I was thrown off my game when I saw them riding by my office on a quad bike. Had we planned this?

Sunshine and love

The couple had the time of their lives. But then again, what more do you want? Sunshine and love go well together. A different couple resided in freezing cold Norway. They didn’t make it to the finish line. I suspect the cold doesn’t really help either. But sitting on your terrace, with a cocktail in your hand and looking out towards the eiland of Fuerteventura, that will do. The luxury of the villa also appealed to the couple. As catering men they didn’t need to cook to be able to enjoy the kitchen equipment. The space, three bedrooms and three bathrooms. It delighted them.


Now, several months later, I am extremely curious how Bas and Patrick are getting on. I secretly hope they are, will remain or will become again each others great love. I connected with the two. And they with me. The promise is to return to Villa Leyla after a year. It remains daredevilry, the thing these two are doing. One thing I know for sure: in any case, the location, the sunshine and atmosphere were not to blame. Like I said: Sunshine and love go well together.

Late November 2017, Suzanne, local representative of Casita Travel on Lanzarote, hosted Bas and Patrick for the TV series Married at First Sight. Vorst Media conducted the filming. Suzanne’s beautiful villas have been a favorite with Casita Travel customers for years. Click here, to view all our holiday homes on Lanzarote.

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