Climate-conscious vacationing

We all enjoy a holiday. From being on the road, discovering a different environment, swimming in the blue sea or floating in your private pool. Traveling ensures that we can look at the world with an open mind, open up to other cultures and customs. That makes us a richer person.

Unfortunately, it is now also clear that our travel and holiday behavior has an impact on the (future) liveability of our planet. Our holiday destinations in Europe are also affected.

We investigated what contribution you can make to limit the negative consequences of travel and recreation. We would like to share this with you and we hope that we will (continue to) make conscious choices together.

What can you do?

  • Choose a direct flight
  • See if there is an electric or hybrid car for rent at your holiday    destination
  • Avoid using plastic bottles and straws
  • Use linen bags for your shopping
  • Travel by train to the airport of departure
  • Make sure that your money ends up with the local residents and owners of shops and restaurants as much as possible
  • At the destination, consciously choose restaurants that work with local products
  • Be careful with the use of towels, air conditioning and water

Flying directly is less polluting
Most flights to Spain go directly from the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany. Transavia and TuiFly invest relatively much in technological innovation, which makes flying less polluting. In addition, their planes are newer and therefore emit less CO2. Due to the higher occupancy rate, a charter flight has less CO2 emissions per person than a regular service.

An electric or hybrid rental car at your holiday destination
Many car rental companies in Southern Europe do not yet own electric or hybrid cars.

Avoid using plastic bottles and straws
On a terrace, ask for water in a bottle without a straw. It is even better to ask for tap water. The water in Spain, Portugal and the Canary Islands is normal to drink and is also healthier than the water in plastic bottles. Because the plastic bottles and caps release microplastics in your water.

Put groceries in a linen bag and reuse your old plastic bags
Abroad, there are often piles of small white bags at the checkout. Very wasteful because you use them once and then you usually throw them away. Try to remember to bring a (linen) shopping bag from home. We have had linen bags placed in our holiday homes at a single destination. But many of our homeowners are also aware of the need and put shopping bags ready for you. These are also useful for putting in your beach towels and books when you walk to the beach.

Travel to the airport by train as much as possible
If you don't need to be at the airport before dawn, it is useful to take the train. No traffic jams and no high parking costs. At Schiphol, for example, you can walk from the train to your gate within 10 minutes without delay on the way.

Spend your money with the locals
Casita Travel deliberately does not cooperate with large foreign (holiday complex) investors. We think it is important that your holiday pay remains at your holiday destination. Therefore, try to limit the purchase of mass souvenirs. A lot is made in China. There are beautiful authentic shops everywhere where accessories are sold that are made in the country itself.

Tasty and (h) honest food
More and more we see that the restaurants in our destinations use seasonal fruit and vegetables. The fish comes from their own sea and fruit and vegetables are increasingly coming from the local market. You can taste the pure taste of olives and tomatoes. Often you eat the best dishes in those restaurants where many locals are.

Be careful with the use of towels, air conditioning and water
You will find towels upon arrival at your holiday home. Try to be economical with this and don't wash them excessively often. When you leave your holiday home, check whether the air conditioning is turned off and whether the lights are off. To keep the heat out, it is better to close the shutters as much as possible and close the curtains. Often the use of the air conditioner is not included in your rent; this way you also save extra costs. We advise against taking a long shower or bath. In the southern European countries, water is becoming scarce in the warm summer months.