Why we at Casita Travel need valuable agents on site to pamper you even better.

The fact that Casita Travel has the most beautiful holiday homes, that’s something we’re proud of! But we aim even higher. We want our guest to feel at home, while still experiencing the excitement of traveling. Optimal care and comfort, but complete freedom.

That’s why we work with local agents. They are a indispensable link in our mission. They pamper our Casita Travelers, solve unforeseen challenges and pleasantly surprise you.

One of our rocks is Christina Rivero Delgado from our agency in Gran Canaria. A true Gran Canarian: calm on the surface but with fire in her heart. Just like the Casita Travel employees of Casita in Apeldoorn.

How does she do it?

Christina was born in Gran Canaria 31 years ago. She quickly developed a warm heart for tourism. Since 2015, she has been working as an agent at VGC, an agency that Casita Travel enjoys doing business with.

“And we with them! We have a very good relationship with these nice ladies and their guests. Casita Travel takes care of a very diverse audience, but mainly families and couples who don’t want to lie crammed on a beach, who are not looking for a tapas bar with a loud TV on in the background. No, Casita Travel guests are looking for the local cream of the crop, for tranquility and space. For quality. Then you are in the right place with us,” Christina says.

“To show this even better, Monique van der Kolk and Laura Ligtenberg of Casita Travel will soon visit us in the company of a well-known blogger. Then I, as a local, can show you all the discoveries that the average tourist doesn’t think of. I am looking forward to it! With a full schedule, drones and camera’s, it is promising to be a wonderful reportage.”

Making a difference

Christina continues: “In our main office in Las Palmas, providing that daily unique experience is top of mind. And that means: lots of personal attention.

We take care of a reservation at that hip restaurant, we arrange that jeep that doesn’t have to be returned until the next day, or get a chef to your home to cook the most amazing Spanish dishes. Think of it and we’ll make it happen!”

It marks the added value of Casita Travel. The warm contacts with the homeowners themselves also contribute to this. “That mutual relationship is worth its weight in gold. Our motto is: happy customers = happy owners. Together we make sure that guests lack nothing,” Christina explains.

Getting married without preparation

Christina has a few more telling examples about the value of attention. “It ranges from things like taking care of transfers to things like arranging a car rental, wheelchair or stroller. But sometimes also completely different things. We once welcomed a couple that was about to get married here. They had absolutely nothing prepared, made their plans on the spot. In record time, I arranged a boat, took care of catering and everything.” Another time, Christina came to the rescue when guest had no idea how to operate a vitroceramic, induction hob. She explained everything and, while she was at it, cooked the travelers a tasty Spanish omelette.

Agaete: fishing village in the north

And when asked what she likes most about the island of Gran Canaria, Christina’s eyes lit up: “Agaete, a fishing village in the north. Taking a dive in the clear blue sea, and then going to a tavern to eat the absolute best fish on the island. Views and ambiance, that’s what you’re looking for while on holiday. Agaete has it all. And luckily, Casita Travel offers unique holiday homes in this beautiful region.”

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Casita Travel is an Apeldoorn-based travel agency specializing in beautiful holiday homes, casitas, fincas and villas at exceptional locations. The unique travel experience, the feeling of freedom and the optimal hospitality create memories to be cherished.