Ecotourism in Lanzarote

The sun-drenched Island of Lanzarote is astonishingly beautiful and truly one-of-a-kind. This island has more than 300 volcanoes. The landscapes and magnificent views seem out of this world. Lanzarote has beautiful sandy beaches and charming seaside resorts, but it is also an island that values ecotourism.

‘Small-scale tourism in beautiful surroundings where nature is handled with respect’, that is what our holiday home owners value. At Casita Travel, you discover a wide range of accommodations that are not only sustainable, but also provide you with a high level of comfort. And the possibilities are endless. Whether you are looking for a modern detached villa with private pool, a casa with roof terrace and sea views or a charming casita for two surrounded by volcanoes, it is all possible!

What makes our holiday homes sustainable?

  • Waste separation (every holiday home has bins for paper, plastic and organic waste)
  • Solar panels
  • Reusable energy for light
  • Rainwater collection for daily use
  • No folders or packs of paper: all the information you need, will be sent to you via email or text.

These 12 tips will help you travel more sustainably!

1. Go Local
Consider giving extra support to sustainable local initiatives by donating or by visiting, for example, local wineries in the La Geria wine region. Here you can buy the island’s local wine, but also learn more about the wine-making process (which is quite special in Lanzarote). In addition, opt for local guides.

2. Prevent plastic soup
Just for the drinking water that does not come from the tap alone, a lot of plastic is used. Try to limit your plastic consumption as much as possible by bringing your own shopping bag, refusing plastic bags and by not using straws. Throw your waste in bins and don’t contribute to extra pollution.


3. Take a reusable drinking bottle with you
This way, you avoid frequent use of disposable plastic bottles. You can also bring a drinking bottle with a filter. This way you can safely drink tap water anywhere and no longer need to buy plastic bottles.

4. Choose sunscreen wisely
Buy sunscreen that does not damage coral reefs. Before buying a new tube, check whether it contains oxybenzone, as this chemical compound is known to negatively affect these coral reefs. Fortunately, there are many alternatives purchasable, such as from the brand Naïf.

5. Compensate your CO2 emissions
When travelling by plane, you cannot avoid CO2 emissions, but you can compensate for part of the emissions by donating to organisations that protect and restore forests. If possible, choose a project with a international Gold Standard for the Global Goals certification, which is given to climate projects in third-world countries.

6. Don’t use mini bottles
Mini bottles of shower gel, shampoo and hairspray: they look so cute, but result in extra waste. Rather, recycle packaging and put your own products in them or buy alternatives with sustainable packaging.

7. Beach clean up
Take a half-day of your holiday to help clean up a beach. The oceans are all connected, so plastic can travel all across the world. If you see plastic lying around, pick it up. Usually, others will then quickly follow your example. Suggestion: Lanzarote Limpia

8. Save water
Use water responsibly when travelling. Do not waste water unnecessarily by running the tap while brushing your teeth. Use towels more than once and only wash your clothes when you have enough for a full washing machine.

9. Find sustainable accommodation
Opt for sustainable accommodations, that advocate ecotourism. You can also consider accommodation built from natural materials.

10. Walk (or cycle) as much as possible
When travelling, try to walk or cycle as much as possible. Nothing is more sustainable than using your own energy as a means of transport. Lanzarote is an excellent island for cyclists. Miles and miles of cycle paths run along the coast. Want to discover the hinterland? Then we recommend renting a mountain bike.

11. Eat local foods
Our local owners will be happy to tell you all about the excellent restaurants on Lanzarote, where they cook with local products. This is so much more fun, because it’s through new tastes that you really get to know the island.

12. Try to use the air conditioning as little as possible
Air conditioning consumes an enormous amount of power. Try to use air conditioning only when it is really necessary.

Would you like to discover the unique island of Lanzarote after reading this blog? Please contact us and we will be happy to help you book sustainable accommodation.

More helpful tips on sustainable travel? We’d love to hear them!