I don’t often win. But when I do win something, it’s the grand prize. Like today, 29 September 2019. For once, it’s okay that the alarm clock goes off so hideously early. Because today I am traveling to Valencia for Casita Travel, together with Maritha, Sandra and Monique.

Swinging on a bicycle
Although only two hours away by plane, we immediately imagine ourselves in that lovely Mediterranean atmosphere. Oh, how this cheers you up. In summer outfits, we cycle through Valencia. While in the Netherlands, I often find cycling a hassle, here we swing through the streets as if it were nothing. Going all out is part of such a trip. How about a Peugeot 5008 just for the fun of it? Driver Sandra conquers all the steep roads unscathed, and we shout ‘aah’ and ‘ooh’. What a landscape!

Villa Bella Javea

Fierce. Magnificent.

Slowly the evening falls and we drive towards our Casita Travel Villa in Jávea, Villa Bella Javea… Hear the warm sound in that name? That’ s exactly what we find. And it’s not even light yet. If anything, the sunrise is even more beautiful. Fierce. Magnificent. Those are the only words that come to mind. Located on the Costa Blanca, Jávea is incomparable to Benidorm. With lively resorts like Moraira just 13 kilometres away and Denia less than 30 kilometres away, wonderful excursions are within easy reach. Boulevards, beaches and the port of Denia with its dazzling yachts.

Then there is the Elephant, the mountain with the trunk. Driving from Jávea, via the trunk through the mountains, on winding roads, all the way to Denia, what a trip! And there is more. Besides the mountains and seaside resorts, this area offers you so much. Coves with crystal-clear blue water. You really don’t have to spend eight hours on a plane to the Caribbean for that….

Casita Travel
But wait a minute. Of course, we are here in España to visit Casita Travel’s villas as well. After all, what better way to advise clients than to know what you’re talking about? Is there a private pool here or a communal pool? What is the view like? What is the position of the sun? Is this something for families, or more for couples? I’m won over. Casita Travel’s villas are all gems. Not one excepted. They add to the warm feeling of coming home. I don’t know about you, but we are definitely going back to this enchanting, beautiful Spanish life. Preferably in a Casita Travel villa.


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Casita Travel is an Apeldoorn-based travel agency specializing in beautiful holiday homes, casitas, fincas and villas at exceptional locations. The unique travel experience, the feeling of freedom and the optimal hospitality create memories to be cherished.

This blog has been made in collaboration with Wilma van Rooijen of Tekstnuance