Can't find the holiday home I booked on the website

Have you booked a holiday home with us, but you don't see it on our website? Do not worry, your booking is still in good hands with us and is correctly reserved in accordance with our agreements.

As we all know and experience, the corona crisis is a situation in which many things have changed or are about to change. Within our organization, too, we had to look again at how we can remain future-proof. We have currently chosen to focus on the destination Spain, with the Canary Islands, the Costa Blanca and Andalusia as regions.

In addition, we have accelerated to a new website with more functionalities, better suited to the future of our company. We have not yet had time to process all holiday homes in Spain that we want to place.

If you have booked a holiday home that is not visible on this website, you have personally received an email from us with an explanation.

We have created a page for destinations that are (temporarily) not posted. So they are still a bit of us.

Click here for holiday homes Ibiza
Click here for holiday homes Portugal
Click here for holiday homes Greece

To be complete: regardless of whether your holiday has been rebooked to 2021 in recent months or your holiday is still planned for 2020, we assure you that your holiday home is booked according to the schedule.

We would like to apologize for any inconvenience you may experience. If you have additional questions, we will be happy to answer them.

Monique & Monique