Payment method

When will I receive my invoice?
If your reservation has been approved, you will receive the invoice / booking confirmation in PDF by e-mail.

When do I have to pay the amount?

After booking you will recive the confirmation which contains a payment link, so you can pay directly online. You can also transfer the payment by bank.

A deposit of 30% of your amount is required, which must be paid to Casita Travel within 3 days after receipt of the confirmation.The remaining amount must be paid to Casita Travel no later than 8 weeks before arrival.

The entire invoice amount should be paid at once for reservations made within 6 weeks of arrival.

In case of reservation within 1 week before arrival, the invoice must be paid within 24 hours.

I want to leave within 7 days, is this possible?
It is possible to leave within 7 days. Casita Travel will indicate how you will receive the travel documents and how the payment will be made.

To which account number can I transfer my travel sum?
Bank details: Casita Travel, Rabobank in Apeldoorn. Account number: NL91 RABO 0160 1593 85. Always state your booking number (also invoice number) of your holiday.


What is included in the price?
The number of nights booked based on bed or bed & breakfast (see the description) and the travel documents. The travel documents consist of the voucher of the home and the directions to your holiday home. Reservation costs are not included. Casita Travel uses a € 35 reservation fee for booking an accommodation. Your travel documents will be sent to you by email 2 weeks before your holiday.

Almost all casitas and villas are based on only accommodation.

What does accommodation mean?
Accommodation means that only the overnight stay is included in the price.


Is there a baby cot available in the accommodation?
Canary Islands: a baby cot is available in every casita. Additional costs will be charged for this. Please indicate when booking if you want to reserve a baby cot.

Travel documents

Which travel document do I need to go on holiday to Spain?
You can travel to this destination with your identity card (ID) as well as your passport. This ID or passport has a validity date of 5 years. If your passport or ID has expired, you cannot make a reservation at Casita Travel. Always have your passport or ID ready at the airport so that, if asked, you can identify yourself.

I lost my passport abroad, what should I do?
If you have lost your passport abroad, you can apply for a new passport or a temporary travel document at the embassy or consulate. You are not obliged to report to the local police, but it is advisable in connection with a possible claim with the insurer. Casita Travel is not liable for theft or loss of documents.


Do the rates include cancellation insurance?
The rates of Casita Travel do not include cancellation insurance. We advise you to take out a cancellation insurance. Your insurance is placed with Europeesche Verzekeringen.


From which airports and with which airlines can we fly to your destinations?
You can depart from Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, but also from Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Maastricht and Eelde airports. In Germany you can depart from Düsseldorf airport with, among others, the airlines Condor and Tui-Fly. In Belgium, flights are operated from the airports of Brussels, Antwerp and Ostend with the airlines Jet Air Fly. The offer of airports and airlines differs per destination.

What is the maximum amount of liquid I can take in my hand luggage?
There are strict rules for carrying liquid. You may take a maximum of 100 milliliters per package. These packages should be placed in a transparent, resealable plastic bag. This plastic bag may contain a maximum of 1 liter of liquid and you may bring a maximum of 1 plastic bag per person. Liquid includes:

  • Water, (alcoholic) drinks, syrup and soup
  • Perfume
  • Gels, creams, lotions and aerosols
  • Toiletries: toothpaste, deodorant (incl. Roller), lip gloss, shaving cream, liquid make-up and mascara.

Until when can I travel with a pregnancy?
In a pregnancy without complications, it is allowed to fly up to the 36th week. You are no longer allowed to fly after the 36th week. With a multiple pregnancy without complications it is allowed to fly until the 34th week. You are no longer allowed to fly after the 34th week. You will need a doctor's certificate from a number of airlines, but it is usually allowed to fly without a doctor's certificate.


Casita Travel is affiliated with SGR for your financial security
We are affiliated with the SGR. As of 1 February 2021, the SGR has obliged its participants to charge a so-called public contribution (for customers). For bookings of individual accommodation (villa, holiday home, apartment, room or tent), this contribution is €10 per booking with a travel sum of €150 per person. This mandatory SGR contribution is reflected in the breakdown of your travel sum on our website and on the invoice. This contribution of € 10 is a one-off, so if you book 2 or more holiday homes with us at the same time, you always only pay the € 10 SGR contribution once. If you book multiple travel components, for example an accommodation and a flight and/or a rental car, you must pay a contribution of € 5 per person. In the event of a cancellation by the customer or by Casita Travel, the SGR contribution remains due. This is non-refundable.

Casita Travel is affiliated with ANVR
Our company is affiliated with the ANVR. This association applies strict standards for membership and promotes the quality of travel and the information about it. The trips on this website are offered under the condition that the ANVR Consumer Conditions (Part A -Travel Conditions- or Part B-Booking Conditions-) apply to all offers on this website unless expressly stated that this is not the case. Click here to read and save the ANVR Consumer Conditions and other important information. On the booking form, you must check that you have read and agree to the applicable ANVR Consumer Conditions (Part A -Travel Conditions- or Part B -Booking Conditions-) and other information. Casita Travel is registered under (ANVR) number 5711 See:

Casita Travel is affiliated with Calamiteitenfonds
Our company is affiliated with the Travel Calamity Fund Foundation. Within the limits of the guarantee scheme of the Calamity Fund, trips published on this website are covered by the guarantee of the Calamity Fund. This guarantee means that you as a consumer who participates in a trip organized by us: - receive (part of) your travel sum if we are unable to carry out the trip or not fully, due to an emergency; - the necessary additional costs will be reimbursed if we have to adjust the trip as a result of an emergency or if we have to repatriate you early. Disaster means an abnormal event caused by acts of war or natural disaster. See:

Do you have any questions?
If you have any questions you can always contact Casita Travel.

Casita Travel, office / visiting address:
Regentesselaan 8, 7316 AC Apeldoorn
Tel: +31(0) 55-3562339
(Chamber of Commerce: 390.73.544)

Bank details: Rabobank in Apeldoorn
Account number: NL91 RABO 0160 1593 85